About Me

Hi!  I’m Jennifer

I’m starting this blog because I want to help people realize that despite what we’re taught in school, our lives are not meant to get a job.  Our lives are meant to live in our passion.  Going to school just to get a job on a cube farm is a relatively new phenomenon.  Our programming to follow this course of action doesn’t match our innate need to live our lives happily.

Frankly, I recently discovered this myself.  After soul searching for a few years I have finally realized that the person I want to be when I grow up is helpful.  And I want to determine how my life will play out.  I want to set goals for myself and reach them.  There have been far too many times that I’ve set out to move forward on goals only to have someone else’s sky fall with me having to pick it up for them.  Somehow their sky was always my problem. Enough!

In five years I hope to touch 1 million people and let them know this is no way to live.


About Me Page: Exercise From Suzi Whitford

  1. Introduce yourself and explain who you are. Share with your audience why you’re starting a blog and how you hope to help them! Share where you see yourself in 5 years so that they can support you and understand your goal. This is the transformation you’ll take them on!
  2. Additional benefit: You’ll boost your confidence by being open and honest!

I understand what you need and here’s how I can help.

Prefers Coffee to tea, Morning to night, Autumn, Lavender, Reading, Beer to wine

Lives in Louisville, KY

Fun Tidbits

I’m Left Handed

I’m ISTJ on Meyer’s Briggs

I’m Investigator on Enneagram

Coffee – Black, please