About Me

Hi!  I’m Jennifer

I’m a full-time mom, but I had a thrilling administrative career in my former life.  

Genealogy, history, and research are my passions.  As an aspiring writer and genealogist, I like to work with established professional genealogists to learn the trade.  I am currently working toward my iCAPGEN accreditation in the Upper South (Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, and Tennessee).


I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Indiana University and a 25-year professional background in operations, project management, and production planning, so you can rest assured I will meet your deadlines and submit deliverables that are well-planned, validated, and documented in accordance with BCG standards.

Just a few Fun Facts About me

I Prefer

  • Coffee (black, please) to tea,
  • Morning to Night
  • Beer to Wine
  • Winter to Summer

I adore

  • Lavender (Color & Scent)
  • Reading

I am

  • Left Handed
  • ISTJ on Meyer’s Briggs
  • Investigator on Enneagram

Jennifer M. Knopf

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(502) 509-2890