Hire Me

You handle the tasks that bring in money or grows the business.

I can help with those little necessary evils that don’t drive revenue.

Let me help with


I can help with the market research for new demographics to add to your portfolio.


I can write the blogs for your company or write the copy on your website.

-blog Management

Proofreading the drafts

Approving and replying to comments

Formatting posts (adding headings, etc.)

Adding links to posts

Setting up the pins and images within the post

Drafting new posts

Adding information to any extra plugins (like putting the keywords into an SEO plugin)

Scheduling posts to go live when they’re ready

Updating plugins

Organizing and updating past posts (adding categories and tags, etc.)


-Social media management

A business needs an active online presence.  The business needs to stay in front of prospects to gain new clients and current clients to remind them you are always just a message away to help with their pain points.


Your clients want to know what’s new in your world and what’s new in your field.  A client that is aware of the latest and greatest method is a client that wants to try it.

-Birthday cards

Remember your clients are people first.  Let them know that you’re glad you can share time with them on this planet.

-client appreciation

Those loyal clients that have stuck with you all of this time need to be recognized.  Too many businesses take a client’s patronage for granted, but you’re different and you want to reward them for the opportunities they have provided for you serve them.